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Sickness Policy

 The following has been found necessary for the health and well being of all the children

Children should be kept at home if they have:

  • A high temperature above 38C, if your child has been sent home ill you must keep your child off nursery for 24 hours
  • Diarrhoea & vomiting, keep your child away from nursery for 48 hours
  • Ringworm and Conjunctivitis, minimum of 24 hours once treatment has started, your child will be able to attend nursery  

We ask that you keep your child away from nursery and not return until your child is completely free from infection and no symptoms persist.  For all other illness symptoms, please refer to HPA guidance

Your children may return to nursery if they are in reasonable health and on prescribed medication.  We have experienced Paediatric First Aid Officers who are able to administer medication with your written consent

If your children are on ‘un prescribed’ medication, parents can make arrangements with the Room Leader to return to administer such proprietary brands, for example ‘Calpol’ and ‘Bonjela’

If children have been ‘ill’ in the previous 24 hours they should be kept at home for a day to ensure there is no re-occurrence of the symptoms

Parents will be contacted during the working day if we consider your child has become too unwell to remain at the Centre so please make sure all your contact details are up to date

If you are unsure as to whether your child is well enough to return after an illness, please call the centre for advice